Steps to Autism Acceptance Podcast: Episode One, Institutions of Higher Education

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Steps to Autism Acceptance
Steps to Autism Acceptance Podcast: Episode One, Institutions of Higher Education

Editorial Board Member Susan Woods and Dr. Eric Endlich on what colleges and institutions of higher education can do to foster inclusion and acceptance for autistic students and other marginalized groups on campus.

Download transcript, Susan Wood and Eric Endlich: Institutions of Higher Ed and Autism Acceptance


Episode Notes



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Susan Woods

Susan Woods, M. Ed, recently retired as Associate Dean of Student Support Services at Middlesex Community College after 27 years. Susan managed the college’s Disability Support Services, supporting 1000 students with documented disabilities, as well as alternative and grant funded support programs. Susan has regularly provided training and workshops to faculty and staff on creating welcoming and inclusive environments and universal design for instruction. Her work now focuses on professional development and training to high school personnel and families to help support the successful transition to college for students with disabilities. Her professional development website is www.susanbwoods.com.

Eric Endlich

Dr. Endlich has taught at Tufts University, Suffolk University, Boston College and UMass/Boston, and has supervised doctoral students at William James College. He is a senior writer and wellness advisory board member for Personal Best publishing. As a psychologist, he has worked with many high school students to manage stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and autism. He serves on the clinical advisory board at the Asperger/Autism Network (AANE), and has presented regularly at AANE conferences, as well as the Harvard Medical School Continuing Education autism conference, Southern Maine Autism Conference, and Massachusetts Psychological Association annual conference. Learn more about Dr. Endlich at: Top College Consultants.

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