Steps to Autism Acceptance Podcast, Episode Three: Communication Within Interpersonal Relationships

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Steps to Autism Acceptance Podcast, Episode Three: Communication Within Interpersonal Relationships
Steps to Autism Acceptance

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Editorial Board Member John Caldora and spouse Alexandria Crabtree Caldora on how autistic people can navigate communication challenges in their romantic relationships and friendships.

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Episode Notes


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John Caldora

John Caldora, M.Ed. is a case manager who works with students of concern at a large public university in the Southern United States. He is also a member of the autism spectrum. John draws on his personal experiences as well as his knowledge of Higher Education administration to help autistic students succeed. He has spent years presenting to higher education professionals regarding best practice interventions and encouraging self-advocacy in students.


Alexandria Crabtree Caldora is married to STS Editorial Board Member John Caldora. She holds an MA in Arts and Religion from Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC and a BA in music from Berea College in Kentucky. She is a performing flautist and has performed at locations such as the Lincoln Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery. Presently she is Choir Director at a church in Lexington, KY and an AmeriCorps volunteer.

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