Tips for Autistic Students: How to Prioritize Assignments

Editorial Board Member Arianne Garcia and Contributor Katie Matthews sit down for a conversation where they discuss some approaches that can make managing your assignments easier, which can help you avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, as well as allow you to spend more time focused on actually learning the material.

Prioritizing Assignments

All college students need to learn how to do it, but figuring out how much time to allocate for each assignment and when to start working on it can be a tricky balance.

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Katie is a part time speech and language pathologist and part time professional runner. Katie received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Boston University in Speech, Hearing, and Language Sciences and Speech-Language Pathology, respectively. She also trains on the Boston Athletic Association High Performance Team. Katie has experience in public and private schools as well as private clinic settings. She works with children and young adults with a variety of disabilities, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Katie loves to share executive functioning and planning tips along with the more traditional social language strategies to help students succeed.

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