At STS, we love e-books: they’re disability-friendly, especially portable, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. We’re excited to share our first two FREE e-book here, “Autism 101: An Introduction to Academic Success” and “Imagine Your Future in STEM: College Transition, Achievement, and Further Educational and Professional Advancement.” Register and sign in to download our publications, or click the Kindle link to take you to Amazon’s kindle store. STS will never sell your information, and you can also sign up for our twice monthly newsletter to stay informed about new content, events, contributor achievements, and more.

Autism 101: An Introduction to Academic Success.

What’s inside?

Our first eBook, this is a shorter text of existing STS material curated with an eye toward educators and the students they instruct. In the first section, you’ll find a quick, illuminating overview of academic autistic culture as well as first-hand accounts of common challenges that autistic students face. In the second section, you can explore tips and strategies from autistic students and academic and support professionals around time management, organization, and interacting with professors


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Imagine Your Future in STEM: College Transition, Achievement, and Further Educational and Professional Advancement. 

What’s inside?

Geared toward students and families, this eBook pulls together significant STS materials on the college transition, college success, and preparing for grad school or the workforce. These resources, also curated from existing STS materials, take a much deeper dive into the topics. Each section supports students and families at crucial points as students develop their self-advocacy and manage increased independence.


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Patrick Pontificates: Straight Talk on College Life From an Autistic STEM Grad Student

What’s Inside? Specifically for students, this brief eBook pulls together most of Patrick Dwyer’s incredible “pontifications” and organizes them in one funny, smart publication.

Learn new ways of thinking about peer pressure, why understanding vs. memorizing is essential to academic success, how to plan for long-term goals and more!

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