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    Jessica MurrayJessica Murray

    Hello STS community,

    I’m posting this from a question that came in over a social network. I edited it slightly. Any thoughts? My first sense is to ask more about how the student and family are communicating about this, and what the best ways are to collaborate on the challenge:

    “My son is autism spectrum and is now 18 years old. Do you know of any tech that allows him to have the benefits of Android and mobile phones but with restricted access to unsavory internet sites? He gives away personal details without thinking, which gets in into trouble. It is a challenge for him to work out good from bad online (or face to face) socialization.

    Overall, he has difficulties with socializing, which is made harder because we can’t risk his access to the internet via phone or laptop.

    Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on this dilemma for us.”

    Thanks, all –

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