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      I was diagnosed with Autism my freshmen year of college, I am now a junior. One thing that has not changed is my struggle to get homework done. When I get anxious, I watch videos or play games on my phone or iPad instead of getting my work done. I don’t know how to encourage myself to get my work done. I really want to go to Grad School after college but I worry that with my inability to keep up with assignments, I won’t be able to do well in Grad School. Any advise?

      Laura Gilmour

        Hello Spirit

        I am on the spectrum and in graduate school and also procrastinate although more so with household tasks than studies as my studies are of high interest right now like my games. I would say a list such as a whiteboard on your wall and possibly use timers on your iPad.For instance tell yourself you can play a game for an hour and set an alarm and then set the alarm (or a predetermined goal such as writing the paper introduction or reference page) before you get more game time. I find I need frequent short breaks to keep on task and lower stress but timers and lists keep my breaks from being permanent vacation.

        Hope this helps

        Abi Hunter

          Hi! I’ve definitely got some of the same struggles, and there’s no magic bullet (that I’ve found lol) to make my executive functioning not such a mess, but here’s a couple things I’ve found that work:
          * Using something like the Pomodoro method with scheduled breaks so you know there’s a time that you’re going to get to reward yourself. Sometimes I find it hard to stick with it, but especially if you use it in conjunction with other methods it can be really helpful.
          * Get a planner, write EVERYTHING down, and when you have an assignment, break it down into smaller tasks and write down each of those. When you cross off sub-tasks it actually triggers a release of dopamine. Here’s an article that explains a little more of the science behind how that works
          * Separate a space for work and a space for relaxing. Like if you relax at home, try to go to the library when you need to sit down and do work. Or, if you relax in bed, make your desk a place to work.
          * You can install a blocker like Cold Turkey to just physically prevent yourself from being able to access distracting websites. I found this one really helpful when trying to get my final projects done last term.
          * A lot of the tips here are about professional work environments but I think the first two points especially can be helpful to anyone trying to get work done.

          Olivia Tyson

            Hello Spiritbear25,

            Motivation to do homework is something that all students struggle with– you are certainly not alone! I work with several students on the spectrum who are in college, and I second what Laura said about setting timers. This can really help give you some structure to getting work done and add in some relaxation time to take the pressure off. Another strategy some students use is to ask a family member or friend for help. This could be as simple as asking someone who you live in to check in with you about your progress. By having this extra check-in outside of the classroom, it might help remind/ motivate you to get homework done. Also, maybe stop by your professor’s office hours and explain your difficulty with keeping on top of homework assignments. You would be surprised how much professors appreciate your feedback, and they could offer strategies or solutions to keep you on track in their class. My last suggestion would be to sometimes work on homework with your classmates or friends if possible. By forming study groups you are more likely to move forward and discuss the assignments, instead of feeling the pressure on your own.

            Hope some of these suggestions help! Best of luck.


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