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    Students, what was the best way to make new friends on campus? What advice would you offer to incoming students?

    Laura Gilmour

      What worked best for me was taking classes on topics of interest and seek out friends who have a geeky interest in that subject matter. I tend to find I mix well with the science psychology people/seems to attract similar personality types to me. Summer research internships can also involve working in a lab with peers who share common research interests and gives both work experience and potential for friendships. I am not a small talk kind of person so I tend to form friendships based on common interests and the closeness/personal friendships develop very gradually. I don’t have many friends but I care deeply and will do anything for those who become my friends. I am satisfied with the life I have and am not lonely or wanting more.

      I also think student clubs or parties are becoming more diverse/inclusive too. For instance the educational psychology department I attend also has board game nights and low-key holiday parties on campus that don’t involve bars or clubs. I also much prefer lunch with a friend or classmate over nighttime parties. I don’t enjoy parties so I avoid them. I think it is counterproductive to fake interest in activities you hate to try and obtain friends. They won’t be real friendships.

      Katie Newton

        I agree with Laura on this! My biggest piece of advice is joining a club, sport, or internship that you feel passionately about, and you will meet people who share those same interests and passions. That will be a great springboard for conversations and hanging out.

      Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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