Steps to Autism Acceptance Podcast, Episode Six: Bridging Communication Differences

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Steps to Autism Acceptance
Steps to Autism Acceptance Podcast, Episode Six: Bridging Communication Differences

Bridging communication differences between autistic and non-autistic people. Editorial Board Member Arianne Garcia and contributor Katie Newton discuss the limitations of social scripts, the challenges of masking, race and gender in relation to autism, and techniques for everyone on improving breakdowns in communication and communication styles. 

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STS Editorial Board Member Arianne Garcia

Arianne Garcia

Arianne is a Hispanic writer, activist, artist, and autism advocate. She was diagnosed at 25 with ADHD and autism. Unsatisfied with just educating herself, Arianne set up her own website to help others navigate the tricky communication bridge between autistic and neurotypical thinking and speaking. Arianne has written on numerous autism topics, such as Hispanics and autism diagnosis rates, hiring autistic people, suicidal ideation in autistic adults, amongst other things. Arianne‘s stress therapy includes sensory aides, music, and playing with Legos. Interested in her work? Visit her website: www.arianneswork.com


STS Contributor Katie Newton

Katie Newton

Katie is a part time speech and language pathologist and part time professional runner. Katie received both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Boston University in Speech, Hearing, and Language Sciences and Speech-Language Pathology, respectively. She also trains on the Boston Athletic Association High Performance Team. Katie has experience in public and private schools as well as private clinic settings. She works with children and young adults with a variety of disabilities, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Katie loves to share executive functioning and planning tips along with the more traditional social language strategies to help students succeed.


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