Resources for autistic students / students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields


UDL and Teaching STEM: Ideas for Group Work

Stuck in a rut with group work? This brief video offers simple steps for using UDL principles to improve your group work outcomes. 129

Autism and Finding Places on Campus that Support Your Study Needs

The most effective coping mechanism I had was to sit somewhat off-center to avoid the loudest section of the lecture hall. 124

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Implementation

Simple steps for incorporating UDL principles into your pedagogy. Lecture, resource, syllabus, and assessment strategies. 209
Educators, Families, Students

The Accommodations Process: A Primer for Faculty

The goal is not to provide a golden ticket to whatever a student wants. The goal is to provide them with an equitable classroom experience that gives them an equal opportunity to succeed. 239

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