Resources for autistic students / students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields


A Guide for Autistic Students to Using Video Rehearsal for Presentations and Interviews

Check for filler words. Are you overly using “like” or “um?” While these are somewhat normalized in daily speaking and often increase during nervous moments, making note of your habits can help you be aware of what you might say and help decrease use of them. 188

Autistic Professional Spotlight: An Exchange With Anthropologist, Primatologist, and Ethologist Dawn Prince-Hughes

I think I see reality quite lyrically so it was the way that I see reality that helped me with the gorillas at first. I think that lyricism is present in most people on the spectrum. That's why when they interface with a world that's very hard and materialistic, they need rules that are unshakable and unchangeable, because their birth orientation is to be a part of everything 169

Autistic Professional Spotlight: Anthropologist, Primatologist, and Ethologist Dawn Prince-Hughes

Prince-Hughes completed regular coursework and assisted around the zoo. She was given the responsibility of monitoring a gorilla with a serious illness. Her work on that task was pivotal: the director of the zoo was so impressed that he sponsored a series of gorilla behavior research projects. 123
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Community College Focus: Chuck Sekafetz, Electronics Department Chair at Chemeketa Community College

Autistic students do come through the CWE program in our department...We find that the student who has gone through CWE with an employer has an easier time transitioning to full time employment due to the created familiarity with the employer and/or coworkers. 206

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