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Resources for autistic students / students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields

Students, Families

Safe Sexuality on Campus for Adults on the Spectrum: Recognizing the Unique Challenges

Emotional safety, physical safety, and practical considerations that help autistic students create and maintain a variety of healthy relationships. 2482
changing perspectives students autism

Changing Perspectives About Students Who Have Autism

Advocates for autistic college students, including Editorial Board Members Sara Sanders Gardner and Theresa Revans-McMenimon, share tips for professors. 4296
Students, Families, Educators

How Greater Autism Representation Positively Impacts the Workplace

Boosting productivity is just one of the benefits to having more people who have an autism diagnosis represented in the work force. Read on to learn more. 3108
Students, Families

Junior Year: Five Things Students on the Spectrum Should Do to Prepare for College

What academic, professional, and social skills are you hoping to develop? Is a four-year college, a two-year program, or technical certificate the right fit? Having clear and realistic goals will prepare you for the next steps. 2183

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