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Resources for autistic students / students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields


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Letter to a Younger Me: You’re Passionate, More Passionate Than Most People Can Imagine

Hello! It’s good to finally talk with you. I’ve wanted to do this for years now. How are you doing? You don’t have to say “good” or anything else like that unless you mean it. It’s kind of odd how we (society) ask that question but there’s only one acceptable answer. 1003
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Template for Approaching Your Teachers About Autism

Even if you know you want to disclose your autism to a professor and know what you want to say, this template can help ensure you communicate confidently 1095
SAP autism inclusive hiring
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Autism Inclusive-Hiring Spotlight: German Software Company SAP

We're big fans of SAP, whose inclusive-hiring practices are geared in part toward hiring autistic job candidates. Read on to learn more about their process. 1389
autism or OCD

How to Tell if You Have Autism, OCD, or Both

Are you an autistic college student who feels worried or stressed, and want to know whether there's more going on? This post may provide some answers. 14271

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