Resources for autistic students / students on the autism spectrum transitioning from high school to college, particularly in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields


Download This: Class Organizer for Autistic Students

Downloadable class schedule organizer. Template for keeping track of your classes that can be incorporated into larger organizational strategies. 195
Students, Families

Spectrum Q & A With College Transition Consultant Susan Woods: Time Management

The importance of structuring student time and why considering a reduced course load can support positive transition outcomes. 172
Students, Families

Insight for Autistic Students and Their Families About Developing Self-Advocacy Skills: Two Studies on Emerging Adulthood

What can you do as a parent to act in “autonomy-supportive” ways? We’re glad you asked! You can support developmental processes in an independence-focused and communication-driven environment at home. 317

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