Connecting to Services: Support for Your Student With a Diagnosis of Autism

In this video, STS contributor Thad Campbell sits down for a discussion with social worker Matthew Morse, who works with Campbell’s teenaged son. Campbell’s son hopes to embark on a STEM collegiate path after high school, and here’s what Campbell and Morse have to say about steps to take now to set up future success.

For more considerations about how parents can support their student’s high school-to-college transition, check out Maureen Perkins’s blog here, or Sara Sanders Gardner’s page on interdependence.

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Thaddeus Campbell is always in front of people. From television to sales to professional kickboxer and Martial Arts Instructor his professional life has revolved around relationships with other people. His earliest teachers sent home reports that he never stopped talking and not much has changed in the 40 years since. Now he is putting those skills to good use helping students parents and teachers help kids with ASD get the most out of their education.

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