Autistic and Unsure About How to Approach Your Professors? Dr. Julia Leverone Walks You Through the Steps

Speak with your teachers about autism and supports? That’s easy for us to say! But what if you’ve hardly been on a college campus before, and everything is fresh, new, and maybe a little bit intimidating? Not to worry. We’ve invited Dr. Julia Leverone to briefly demystify the process and to provide some helpful tips, too. Thanks, Dr. Leverone! Plus, how to approach your teachers can be an important step in self-advocacy.

Want to see more videos like this? Dr. Leverone give some additional tips here, and you may also find Susan Wood’s video on meeting with your professor to go over the syllabus useful, too. Top College Consultants also has some free resources about colleges that are autism friendly.

We also have a handy template for approaching your professors here.

Do you have other questions for Dr. Leverone? Let us know in the comments!

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Julia Leverone, M.F.A., Ph.D., is a Dallas-based university lecturer of language and writing (Spanish, poetry, and essays), and is a poet and translator herself. She also has community college teaching experience and tutors students one-on-one in various disciplines. Her Facebook handle is @JuliaLeverone and her website is julialeverone.com.

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