Assistive Tech to Support Autistic Students in the Classroom

Assistive technology for autism in college. STEM grad student Patrick Dwyer sits down with UC Davis’s Accessible Tech Analyst Joshua Hori for an overview of Livescribe Smartpen, Sonocent Audio Notetaker, and ClaroPDF. Amazing stuff, thanks for demo-ing, Joshua!

Learn more about assistive tech: “Three Assistive Technologies Autistic College Students Should Know.” Or, check out some of Patrick’s other videos on exploring the campus and the importance of advocacy skills. And let us know your questions in the comments.

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Patrick is an autistic graduate student in the psychology department at UC Davis with a broad interest in helping to ensure that autistic and neurodivergent people can lead fulfilling lives. He plans to use eye-tracking and electrophysiology to explore the heterogeneity of the autism spectrum and different phenotypes of autism, and is particularly interested in studying sensory processing and sensory sensitivities in autism. He has also facilitated peer-support groups for other autistic college students. You can find more of Patrick’s writing on his blog at autisticscholar.com.

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