Disability Services Offices (DSO) & Autism in College

Disability Services Offices (DSO) and autism in college. STEM grad student Patrick Dwyer sits down with UC Davis Disability Specialist Dr. Joseph Spector for an insightful conversation. They discuss the HS to college transition and how Disability Services Offices support autistic students on college campuses. There are many levels and kinds of support. While each student’s needs and goals will differ, some common themes run through the discussion. For example, the importance of self-advocacy for autistic college students. Watch the video to learn more.

For more videos in this series, check out Patrick’s Assistive Tech to Support Autistic Students in the Classroom, Autistic and Transitioning to College? What Students and Families Need to Know, and Take a Campus Tour with Us: What Autistic Students Can Learn Through Self-Guided Campus Exploration. Interested in UC Davis? Learn more about their campus here.

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Patrick is an autistic graduate student in the psychology department at UC Davis with a broad interest in helping to ensure that autistic and neurodivergent people can lead fulfilling lives. He plans to use eye-tracking and electrophysiology to explore the heterogeneity of the autism spectrum and different phenotypes of autism, and is particularly interested in studying sensory processing and sensory sensitivities in autism. He has also facilitated peer-support groups for other autistic college students. You can find more of Patrick’s writing on his blog at autisticscholar.com.

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